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Karen Gaston

Karen Gaston

Barrister, Queensland Bar and Accredited Specialist (Succession Law) – Qld

About this Presenter

Karen is a barrister in private practice and brings nearly 18 years of litigation experience as a solicitor to her practice at the bar. During that time, she has developed a reputation for excellence in litigation concerning wills, estates, trusts and equity.

She is also one of only a handful of barristers who are also Accredited Specialists in succession law, attaining accreditation in 2013.

Karen is particularly interested in estate litigation with a broader commercial focus, such as those concerning rural partnerships, trusts, and equitable remedies, such as undue influence and unconscionable conduct.

She has conducted many family provision applications (FPAs), solemn form probate applications, will construction and interpretation applications, cy pres, and statutory will applications and other “classical” succession law actions.

In the conduct of litigation which often involves complex law and which is factually dense, Karen is known both for her strategic approach and her attention to detail.

Despite being a skilled litigator, Karen recognises the value of alternative dispute resolution, especially in family-based disputes. She has undertaken the Bond University mediation course and was one of the first succession lawyers to undertake training in Collaborative Law at UTS in Sydney in 2008.

The 2021 Doyle’s Guide ranked Karen as “Preeminent” in the category of Wills and Estate Litigation Lawyers and ranks her as “Recommended” in the area of Wills, Estate and Succession Planning Lawyers.


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