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Dominic Brunello

Dominic Brunello

Senior Associate, Robertson O'Gorman Solicitors; Accredited Specialist (Criminal Law) – Qld, and Member, Queensland Law Society Criminal Law Committee

About Dominic

Dominic Brunello is a senior criminal defence lawyer with Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors. He is a frequent solicitor-advocate before the summary and superior courts in Queensland. Dominic has practised exclusively in criminal litigation since admission to the Roll in 2001, including jobs with Gilshenan & Luton and Robertson O’Gorman. After a 5 year period with Robertson O’Gorman, Dominic worked for 9 years as in-house criminal counsel with the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia at Perth.  The ‘fused’ W.A. legal profession saw him routinely appearing as a barrister at jury trials, appeals and interlocutory applications before the W.A. District & Supreme Courts, and the W.A. Court of Appeal. In 2016, Dominic returned to Brisbane and to Robertson O’Gorman.


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