Frequently Asked Questions

  • Stay home if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath.
  • Stay home if in the 7 days prior to the event you have been notified that you are a confirmed case of COVID-19 or you are a confirmed close contact of someone who has COVID-19.
  • Measures will be in place to allow for physical distancing of 1.5m from others, maintaining physical distancing during the event is the individual’s responsibility. 
  • Mask wearing may be required in accordance with the current government directions at the time of the event.
  • Under the Governments Public Health Orders, all guests entering the venue must be fully vaccinated or provide staff with proof of a medical exemption. Entry will be denied to guests unable to provide documentation. 
  • You will be required to check in with the Check in Queensland App, please ensure this is installed on your device or see a staff member for assistance

This event will be conducted in line with current Qld Health COVID safe guidelines. In the instance where the in-person event cannot proceed due to government restrictions, these tickets will be converted to online tickets.

Unfortunately, you cannot claim CPD points from different seminars within the Symposium in different CPD years.

As the Symposium is being held on 11 March 2022, you may claim CPD points attained from the Symposium in either the 2021/2022 year or the 2022/2023 but not both.

We refer you to rule 48(2) of the Queensland Law Society Administration Rule 2005 which provides:

           To remove any doubt, the listening to or viewing of recorded material of an event that occurred in the period 1 January to 31 March may, in accordance with rule 47(3), be counted in the current or following CPD year, but not both.

Given the Symposium as a whole is one event, the wording of rule 48(2) is quite clear that points attained from one event cannot be claimed for two different CPD years.

You will receive an email from QLS Events on Tuesday 8 March containing your personalised access details and instructions on how to navigate the platform.

You can view a short explainer video by clicking here

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the virtual platform.

We also recommend you clear your cookies and cache prior to logging in and disable any VPN’s you may be using.

To optimise the broadcast of sessions, please do not use ‘incognito’ or ‘hidden search’ browser settings. 

For best results we recommend connecting to the virtual hub with a Laptop or PC (ideally not an iPad, tablet, phone or Mac).

Ensure your connection is minimum 5Mbps for both upload and download. You can check your internet speed at

Wired internet connection will provide you with a more consistent connection.

You may also like to use a webcam (inbuilt laptop webcam would be sufficient) to live video chat with exhibitors at their virtual booths in the virtual exhibition. 

If you would like to use your phone, iPad or tablet we recommend using the EventsAIR app which can be downloaded from the app store. Access details will be provided in your confirmation email from QLS Events sent on Tuesday 8 March.

Yes, all sessions will be recorded. You will have access to view the recordings shortly after the completion of Symposium 2022.

When you first login to the virtual platform, you will be prompted to update your profile, capture or add a profile photo and review your privacy settings. This is a standard feature of the virtual platform however is not mandatory to complete.  We recommend updating your profile if you are wanting to network with exhibitors and other attendees at Symposium 2022.

Each time you log in you will be asked to give permission for the portal to use your camera and microphone. We recommend allowing both features to maximise your experience. 

If you are having any technical difficulties or need other assistance during the sessions, please navigate to the Lobby and click on the Live Support link.

You can enter the virtual exhibition hall from the lobby or AIRtouch device. Once in the exhibition hall, scroll across to find the virtual exhibitor you would like to meet with and click on their stand. You will then have the option to request a live meeting or live chat, and view their available resources.

The Agenda is accessible in the Auditorium lobby or on your AIRtouch device.

The Symposium program is listed in the Agenda in chronological order.

From the Auditorium lobby, you can click on any of the items in the Agenda to view additional information and join the session.

The Agenda will display in your browsers time zone.

To edit your time zone, open your AIRtouch device, click on your profile picture (or initials if you have not uploaded a picture) and click ‘My Settings’.

Please note: the Symposium program is published in AEST Time.

From the Agenda (via Auditorium lobby or AIRtouch device), a join button will appear beside live sessions. Click the join button to access the session where you will receive a video and audio feed of the presentation as well as access to any presentation materials. Use your AIRtouch device to ask questions.

If you wish to ask a question or make a comment during the session, please use the Live Q&A tab (right-hand side of the screen).

If questions are not able to be answered during the session, the presenters will provide answers after Symposium and these will be included in the post-event email.

If a live poll is used in a session, it will pop-up under the Live Poll tab (right-hand side of the screen). 

Log out, clear your browser history, cookies and cache and log back in.

If you are having other connection problems, please use the Live Support icon (top right-hand corner) to ask for assistance. 

If you are using a laptop, we recommend setting your screen resolution settings to 100% as opposed to 125%.

This should fix the problem, otherwise please use the Live Support icon (top right-hand corner) to ask for assistance.

Any notes that you may take during sessions using the ‘My Session Notes’ tab (in your AIRtouch device), can be exported at the end of the conference and emailed to your registered email address. To do so, open your AIRtouch device, click on your profile picture (or initials if you have not uploaded a picture) and select ‘Export My Notes’.

When meeting with virtual exhibitors or other attendees, you will have the option to swap contact information. These details will be available to export by opening your AIRtouch device, clicking on your profile picture (or initials if you have not uploaded a picture) and selecting ‘Export My Contacts’.

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