Frequently Asked Questions

Login details and the access link to the virtual platform will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

This email will be sent on Thursday, 18 March 2021 from

Should you have any trouble locating the email or your link/login details, please check your ‘Junk’ folder or contact QLS Events on

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the virtual platform.

We also recommend you clear your cookies and cache prior to logging in and disable any VPN’s you may be using.

To optimise the broadcast of sessions, please do not use ‘incognito’ or ‘hidden search’ browser settings. 

For best results we recommend connecting with a Laptop or PC (ideally not an iPad, tablet, phone or Mac).

Ensure your connection is minimum 5Mbps for both upload and download. You can check your internet speed at

Wired connection will provide you with a more consistent connection.

You may also like to use a webcam (inbuilt laptop webcam would be sufficient) to live video chat with exhibitors at their virtual booths in the virtual exhibition. 

Yes, all sessions excluding Chief Justice of Australia’s closing address will be recorded.

Some session recordings will be available immediately after the session concludes within the virtual platform.

All recorded sessions will be available 1 week after the event (prior to CPD endo of year) and you will be notified by email and provided further instructions on how to access them. 

When you first login to the virtual platform, you will be prompted to update your profile, capture or add a profile photo and review your privacy settings. This is a standard feature of the virtual platform however is not mandatory to complete as this profile information will not be utilised during Symposium. 

Each time you log in you will be asked to give permission for the portal to use your camera and microphone. We recommend allowing both features to maximise your experience. 

If you are having any technical difficulties or need other assistance during the sessions, please review the FAQ section (click on the ? icon, top right-hand corner) or click on the Live Support icon (top right-hand corner).

Alternatively, contact QLS Events on (07) 3842 5806.

Click on the ‘Visit’ button next to the Virtual Exhibition (right-hand side of the screen).

Our virtual exhibition will be open from 9.30am-5.45pm AEST and we encourage you to visit each exhibitor’s virtual booth by clicking on their name and viewing their materials etc.

To live chat or live video chat with our exhibitors, please visit them during a scheduled “Virtual Exhibition” break at:

  • 9.30-9.55am
  • 11.30-11.45am
  • 12.45-1.15pm
  • 2.15-2.30pm
  • 3.30-4.30pm

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to chat with them, this event would not be possible without them. 

The Symposium program is listed in the timeline in chronological order.

You can click on any of the items in the timeline to view additional information and join the session.

The timeline will display in your browsers time zone.

To edit your time zone click ‘My Settings’ (top right hand side).

Please note: the Symposium program is published in AEST Time. 

From the timeline, click on the session title you wish to join. It will then open the session window where the session video, overview, presenters, materials etc. will be available.

Click on the points bar (trophy icon, top right-hand corner) to find out how you could win the $1000 Visa gift card prize* at Symposium.

You will see a list of goals to achieve and the applicable number of points associated with each goal.

The fastest way to win points is to visit all our fantastic exhibitors in the virtual exhibition. The points bar (top right-hand corner) will display your current points balance. 

* View the prize terms and conditions

If you wish to ask a question or make a comment during the session, please use the Live Q&A tab (right-hand side of the screen).

If questions are not able to be answered during the session, the presenters will provide answers after Symposium and these will be included in the post-event email.

If a live poll is used in a session, it will pop-up under the Live Poll tab (right-hand side of the screen). 

Log out, clear your browser history, cookies and cache and log back in.

If you are having other connection problems, please use the Live Support icon (top right-hand corner) to ask for assistance. 

If you are using a laptop, we recommend setting your screen resolution settings to 100% as opposed to 125%.

This should fix the problem, otherwise please use the Live Support icon (top right-hand corner) to ask for assistance.

Any notes that you may take during sessions using the ‘My Session Notes’ tab (right-hand side of screen), can be exported at the end of the conference and emailed to your registered email address. Click the arrow icon (export button, top right-hand corner). 

Click here to view a short video explaining the virtual platform features* 

* Please note Symposium will not have a meeting hub, all other features will be available 

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